Weekly Bullet #16 – Summary for the week

Hi All !

Here is the weekly summary of Technical / Non-Technical topics that I found very resourceful.


  • A large number of people involved in Tech industry do not know Coding. A great small post on advice to the same group – “The Surprising Number Of Programmers Who Can’t Program
  • Another Git repo for a wide set of Computer Science Resources – “ComputerScienceResources.”
  • Book recommendation : “Web Performance basics”. It talks about the basic of Web waterfall charts, Profiling charts, CPU & Memory profiling for web etc.


“Don’t let your attention slide. Einstein didn’t invent the theory of relativity while he was multitasking at the Swiss patent office. It came after, when he really had time to focus and study. You’ll never complete all your tasks if you allow yourself to be distracted with every tiny interruptions.”

The Daily Stoic

Have a great week ahead !

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