Weekly Bullet #27 – Summary for the week

Here are a bunch of Technical / Non-Technical topics that I came across recently and found them very resourceful.

Technical :

  • Different states of Java Threads and their transitions. – Link
  • A quick look into Sorting in python – RealPython site link (3mins)
  • DevOps in one picture:
  • A cheat sheet to “When to use which collection in java” – here
source: http://www.sergiy.ca
  • A great talk on internals of List and Tuple in Python – YouTube (28mins)

Non-Technical :

  • A crisp explanation on Manager vs Director vs VP – link
TL;DR – Summary from resource link
  • How to learn complex things quickly – Link
  • Bayes’ Theorem and its trap. An intriguing play of numbers – YouTube link (10mins)
  • Extract from a book (a rather long one) :

Imagine that you are having an out-of-body experience, observing yourself on an operating table while a surgeon performs open heart surgery on you. That surgeon is trying to save your life, but time is limited so he is operating under a deadline—a literal deadline.

How do you want that doctor to behave? Do you want him to appear calm and collected?

Or do you want him sweating and swearing?
Do you want him behaving like a professional, or like a “typical developer”?

The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin

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